Painter - 2nd Shift

Company Name:
Magnum Power Products, LLC.
Magnum Power Products LLC is currently recruiting for a Painter-2nd shift . Under the direction of the area supervisor, the Painter will prepare, paint and document parts used in the manufacturing process utilizing powder coat paint techniques, automated wash bay and high heat drying oven. The position will also assist in the training of others in the proper preparation and application of paint material.
Primary Responsibilities:
Clean and sand parts as necessary, using a wire brush or angle grinder to prepare materials for powder coating according to production needs
Operate washer and dryer oven to prior to ensure parts are properly prepared for painting
Apply powder coat to parts using a powder coat sprayer
Transport finished and unfinished product to and from the appropriate work areas using forklift or team lift for heavier parts
Perform work in adherence with quality standards
Practice safe work habits, following safety guidelines with respect to operation and personal safety gear, and support company safety initiatives
Additional Responsibilities:
Assist in cleaning and maintaining spray booth and preparation area in a clean, operating and safe condition
Assist in other work areas as needed
Repair/correction of errors
Participation in training sessions
Provide training to other employees in the preparation and proper applications of paint material
Other duties as directed
Special Skills Required/Desired:
High school diploma or equivalent - Required
Ability to navigate and process basic inventory transactions using MRP system - Required
Ability to follow directions and work in a team environment - Required
Basic math skills - Required
Previous knowledge and use of powder paint application techniques and equipment - Required
Forklift experience - Required
Knowledge of drying oven operation - Required
Ability to read diagrams/prints -Required
Strong attention to detail - Required
Equipment Used:
Pallet jack, forklift, angle grinder, respirator, drying oven, hoist, push carts, computer.
Physical Demands/Working Conditions:
Ability to lift up to 50 pounds repetitively and frequently without assistance or equipment at heights above or below shoulder heights.
Frequent pushing and pulling of parts hanging on trolley, carts, and pallet jacks with up to 71lbs of force (82lbs of force at Curve).
Ability to perform tasks involving constant periods of standing.
Constant hand/eye coordination along with balance.
Frequent stooping or bending.
Constantly work in a constantly high heat environment.
Frequently reach above or below shoulder heights.
Ability to work overtime.
Constant wear and breathe with a respirator.
Frequently in contact with chemicals that require specific PPE and labeling.
(Occasionally=1-25% of the time; frequently=26-75% of the time; constantly=76-100% of the time)
Location: Berlin, WI
Job Code: 5077
Employment Duration: Full Time

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